Redicle Stand-By Letter of Credit

We provide the services for issuing Stand-By Letter of Credit which is used to assist while applying for a line of credit for your bank. We provide authentic SBLC’s that are backed by 100% cash. A Stand-By Letter of Credit acts as a collateral security option which is a secured form of lending. We are associated with issuers who use the topmost banks to provide the SBLCs. Our SBLCs are on a lease basis where you stand to be the beneficiary and we issue them for a time period of one year and one day which is extendable till five years. The SBLC gets transferred to your bank after it is issued. There are a few simple facts to be considered when applying for an SBLC and these are mentioned below.


  • Apply with a robust project in hand
  • On the basis of collateral support of an issued SBLC, a bank should be funding your project
  • Have substantial funding to pay for leased SBLC
  • Have proper options for repayment of loan and return of SBLC after the term ends

Why our SBLCs:

  • Fully assignable
  • Easy transfer
  • Associations with top banks
  • Good for all types of trade programs
  • Easy renewal option

Ideal for :

  • Building and Up gradation of Resorts
  • Development and Construction projects
  • Trade Programs
  • Company growth

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